the following foods should be avoided:

  • Soft serve icecream


  • Pate

  • Sliced Deli Meat

Foods you can eat with caution:

While you are pregnant you should continue to consume a variety of fish as part of a healthy diet but the consumption of certain species needs to be limited because of the mercury content.

You should limit your intake of shark (flake), marlin or swordfish to no more than one serve per fortnight with no other fish to be consumed during that fortnight. For orange roughy (also known as sea perch) and catfish you should consume no more than one serve per week with no other fish being consumed during that week.

Otherwise it is safe and healthy to eat two to three serves per week of other types of fish. However smoked fish, sushi and other seafood such as mussels should be avoided.

If you have cooked it yourself and can ensure it was prepared correctly, it is safe.

Pre-cooked chicken, particularly diced/sliced chicken at delis, fast-food restaurants or food courts should be avoided.

Safe if you are sure they have been cooked until piping hot. If you are unsure of how hot they were cooked, they are best avoided.

If the cheese is heated until piping hot, it is safe. However it otherwise should be avoided, due the risk of Listeria.